21 February 2008

Are we all designers?

We live in times where the surge for expressing one’s individuality and personality is stronger than ever before.  Every moment, we consciously or unconsciously try to recreate our own identity to escape the void of anonymity. This expression can take many faces, from the style of clothes we choose to wear, to the way we modify the environment we live in, including our own homes. But in the end, it always revolves around asking ourselves what suits us, how we see ourselves and what combination of different objects can provide points of reference for us.

The age of the homogenous style is long gone. Living requires a collage of different styles and special features. Any personal style evolves from an epicenter around which gravitate the most varied influences and inspirations. There’s not just one trend anymore when individuality imposes over six billions of possible style mix…

Design takes its inspiration from a context, but that context has become everyday more widespread. We live in a sort of "constantly self re-designing" society, which calls for the intersection and combination of disciplines, as well as ever more precise concepts of the emotional traits of objects. The answers offered by designers must therefore be as multiform as our requirements are individual.
Lights form an integral part of the architecture of the places where we live. This is true of public and private buildings, as well as of spaces used for business or entertainment, internally and externally. Not only does lighting create spaces that are safe and properly illuminated, but it also provides mood and ambiance.
For lighting design it will mean spreading itself and look for new strategies, aesthetic concepts and design approaches, capable of providing that required flexibility and adapting to our always changing moods.

It is clear that lighting design is developing in very different directions, none of them close to becoming a trend, but rather aimed at satisfying our personal preferences and individual ambiance’s ideas. Furthermore, we are already seeing how conventional lighting categories and classifications are increasingly questioned in the face of the solid state lighting revolution. These new light sources, in their current LED form or in that of OLED later, open up a large variety of approaches to lighting, and will induce new objectives, ideas and processes to cope with our quest for an appropriately styled individuality.

More than ever before, artificial lighting requires a novel interpretation because, as light itself, it makes profound statements about the stance, origin and value on our own individual aesthetic and emotional system.

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