28 June 2008

Lighting affects us more than anything in our home

Lighting is an art as much as a science. Lighting affects us more than any other detail in our home. Light conditions our emotional and physical comfort.

We need good lighting for our daily activities, to see clearly, to prevent fatigue, and to support our mood. We can light a room for a particular occasion or activity; we can change the usage of a space more quickly with light than with any other decoration detail. Lighting variations affect our daily rhythms giving us either a comfortable or a miserable mood.

Besides allowing us to see, lighting sets the emotional atmosphere. Understanding the effects of lighting is a key parameter when selecting light sources to create a particular emotional setting.

  • Bright light stimulates us, while low levels of illumination quiet our senses.
  • Too much bright light hurts our eyes and make us feel jittery.
  • Insufficient lighting causes eye fatigue and headaches.
  • Insufficient lighting is linked to emotional stress and to physical ailments.
  • Low light level or harsh contrasts produce eyestrain.
  • Directly visible light source cause irritation and disturb tranquility.
  • Artificial light does not replace the calming effects of natural daylight.
  • Absence of natural daylight triggers depression and poor immune defenses.

Lighting brings benefits in many ways, but notice how an excess or a lack of artificial light brings about the same harmful side-effects. Choosing between a glow and a bright light involves understanding the effects of light on our mood. Uniform lighting is adequate for working, but is rather boring; people feel more comfortable with lighting from many sources. Combinations of contrasting brightness and darkness cause dramatic and lively changes in an ambiance as long as they remain balanced. Use of artificial light sources add variety and vivacity to our spaces and our lives only by respecting our emotional and physical comfort.

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Form is the visual shape of mass and volume. Light makes form legible. There is no form without light.


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