28 December 2008

Potential of LED control systems

Since the LED is a dimmable light source, the modular control of LEDs of different color allows a very precise shifting, fading and transitions of light, which in turn transmits a dynamic effect to the architecture set to ultimately communicate the idea of change and adaptability. The underlying purpose is to render architecture more efficient and sustainable, by creating a more comfortable, responsive and consistent relationship between the users and the architectural space.

Color mixing and color effects are seen as a powerful tool, positively provocative to our perception. Changing color can suggest moods and bring a healthy variability to the task of space-making. But this dimension of technology does not define a space by itself, as some extreme proponents of “interactive architecture” would have you believe. On the contrary, depending on how it is applied, it may even condemn spaces to becoming void of any kind of life. And this can happen fast.

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