14 December 2008

A simple life

Modern interior design and minimal living need not be cold and stern looking, nor should its serenity be purely monastic. It need not be so cutting edge either, that it becomes unusable or ugly. The essence is to find the level of simplicity that suits anyone of us. The only requirement is honesty to the materials and a respect of space.

Rooted in part in Japanese culture, minimalism, or one of its many incarnations, is a movement that started, originally in Scandinavia and Japan, as a reaction to the emergence of commercialized styles of architecture that was popping up everywhere with the idea of “less is more”. Minimalist design is concerned with minimizing the use of ornaments and “grandiose” designs in the structures. A few of minimalism’s attributes are geometric shapes, light, natural materials, space. A successful minimalist design is a result of a good balance of these elements. Minimal is not poor, it is essential. Essential in this case means that few materials set the stage for perhaps one or two important focus pieces. The quality of materials and workmanship must be outstanding.

Minimalist architecture is sometimes described as being cold, but advocates of this style find it more welcoming, relaxing and free from clutter. Depending on how it is planned, minimalist architecture can be elegant and at the same time, inviting. It makes use of the space as a feature and uses basic shapes and lines that are neat and can play with light resulting in an elegant outcome. There are many examples where the flow of space and light create the decoration without the confusion of ornamentation. Simple spaces gives rise to a more relaxed and tranquil life. In essence, living with less and finding more.

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Form is the visual shape of mass and volume. Light makes form legible. There is no form without light.


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