22 January 2009

Focussing on people: working

Health and comfort are the most important prerequisites to our motivation, our productivity and to rich emotional experiences. Whether in the working world, in healthcare services, in hotels and restaurants or in boutiques, lighting has to be interpreted in a way that supports and promotes well-being and health.

Light has a great effect on our physical and mental state. In our quest to balance between movement and rest, between tension and relaxation, we need light that is modeled on the natural rhythm of daylight. We need to light with expectations.

The demands we make on our surroundings are continually increasing. This is particularly true of the quality of light, and of the design and aesthetics of the lighting fixture. Beyond the individual factors, it is important to consider the complete context: the characteristics of the rooms, workplaces and equipment, as well as the type of activities and the type of organization, so that the lighting design is tailor-made to suit the user and the specific environment.

Nowadays, an appropriate light management system has become indispensable and plays a particularly important role. The lighting control must be simple to operate, so that every user can regulate the light to suit the activity of the moment and in accordance with its own preferences. Pre programmed light scenarios and automatic daylight dependant illumination management also become standard in up-to-date illumination control.

In a working environment, an employer will express consideration for its employees and clients by providing high quality lighting solutions. Individual lighting control favors the appropriation by the employees and reinforces the feeling of belonging to an identity, and provides a positive corporate image for the outside. This in turn creates a positive impact on motivation.

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